Pure or evil? Dual-purpose cosplay wigs.


Most people think that a cosplay wig has one style. In my opinion, you can change a wig into a dual-purpose wig by makeup and hairstyles. Pure or evil? It depends on your ideas. In order to choose a dual-purpose cosplay wig, you should pay attention to the color. Dark color is a good choice. Today, I highly recommend you some good colored wigs.

The first one: blue wigs

blue wigs
blue wigs

Look at these pictures. Both of them wear blue wigs, but have different feelings with each other. The left model looks like a evil banshee and is full of mystery and dangerous. The right model looks like a pure princess and is so cute. You must notice that different makeup can give people different feelings. Makeup is important for a cosplay wig.

The second one: purple wigs

purple wigs
purple wigs

Purple wigs also can be dual-purpose. You can be mysterious or lovely with the same purple wig. Look at the left one. Two hair horns can make you look cute and pink eye shadow is a good match. I make sure you are attracted by the right model. She is so amazing and charming. She looks like a queen of mysterious country.

Do you still think a cosply wig just has a style? If you choose high quality cosplay wigs, you will have more styles. Thank you for reading and hope you like it.

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