How do I take care of my cosplay costumes and wigs?


As you know, I love cosplay. As a cosplayer, I have many costumes and wigs. So, what should I do with them when I’m not cosplaying in my daily life? Today, I want to share with you my methods for taking care of my cosplay costumes and wigs.

cosplay costumes
cosplay costumes

To begin, let’s talk about taking care of the cosplay costumes. I divide them into 2 groups: foldable and unfoldable. What is the difference between them? Foldable: some costumes are soft and silky, however when you fold them, they still keep their form. Unfoldable: you must have seen many gorgeous and elaborate cosplay costumes. Most of them are made with some hard materials and have heavier weights. So, what to do with the foldable costumes? You can just fold them and put them neatly into the closet. For me, I prepare a special closet just for cosplay costumes. What about the unfoldable costumes? You should take greater care with them. After you hang them on hangers, you should use a garment steamer to recover their form and shape. Then use covers to cover them and prevent the accumulation of dust after they are dry. In order to take perfect care of them, I do all of these things once a month.

The above steps are my ways to handle my cosplay costumes. Next, I want to talk about wigs.

All of my wigs are synthetic wigs. They are much cheaper than human hair wigs, but they are also of high quality. So, I love them all and do my best to take care of them. Cosplay wigs are always divided into 2 types, commonly worn and not commonly worn.

cosplay wigs
cosplay wigs

For the commonly worn wigs, it is recommended to clean them once a week. When cleaning, you should pay special attention to the fact that the wigs cannot be cleaned with hot water, which will damage the quality of the wigs. They cannot be soaked in water for a long time. After cleaning, the wigs should be hung in a ventilated place to air dry completely. When washing a wig, we must not rub it with our hands. Also, do not pull the knots. We should apply hair conditioner, smoothly and gently. After using hair conditioner, the wig will be bright and beautiful as if we just bought it. If your wig is curly, then definitely do not use a comb to comb the curl, use your fingers to comb it gently. Using the comb will destroy the curls. Lastly, put the clean wigs on the rack. I have a table specially for wigs.

For the uncommonly worn wigs, you should wash them and make them just like new. Then put them in the boxes and leave a place to keep the boxes. If you have lost their original boxes, writing their names on each box is a good idea. This will be helpful during your next search.

Have the above ways been helpful for you? Hope they can solve some of your problems. Thank you for reading. Love cosplay! If you also want high quality cosplay wigs, I highly recommend you visit All of their products are worth owning.

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