3 things you should pay attention to when you firstly go to a comic-con


Hi, everyone. I’ve written about Halloween in the last few blogs, so you must have already prepared for Halloween. Then, today, I want to talk about cosplay. Some people ask me what they should prepare when they firstly go to a comic-con. I sorted through my experience and concluded 3 points that needed attention.


1. Changing costumes.

In general, most of the cosplayer goes to comic-con to change clothes and make up. But if you drive or take a taxi, can also be changed at home. If the costumes are too gorgeous, or if there are too many accessories, it is also recommended to change in the comic-show. If something falls on the road, it won’t pay.

2. Confirm the size of the comic-con

If it is a large comic-con, there will be three channels, including on-site ticket channel, e-ticket channel, and relevant personnel channel. As long as there is a balanced flow of people and no regulation of the crowd, there is no long queue. If your costumes are too heavy or your shoes grind your foot, it is a good choice to take a mini folding stool.

3. Prepare food and water

Generally, the comic-con will last for one day. At this time, your physical strength is very important. You may be too excited to eat anything at all, but you should always replenish the water.

The first cosplay is always exciting, be confident to have a good memory. Thank you for reading and hope you like it.

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