My cosplay experiences


Some people ask me how to cosplay. Today, I want to talk about this question.
Firstly, you should think about what do you want to be.

If you want to be a professional cosplayer, you should pay attention to many things. A professional cosplayer need high quality costumes and cosplay wigs. Speaking of costumes, choosing a professional store focuses on cosplay costumes is very important. High quality costumes will make you more like the character you want to cosplay. In addition, you need to spend enough time to pick a good wig. A professional cosplayer don’t allow the wig to stick tightly on the scalp. A good cosplay wig should just like your own hair. As you know, the price of high quality products will not be too low. Budget will affect your cosplay‚Äôs level.


However, if you just want to try cosplay once, everything will be much simple. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you can buy some low quality costumes and wigs. I recommend you to browse more websites and talk more with people who have the same thoughts as you. They can share some good and cheap online stores with you. In my opinion, synthetic wigs are better for you. They are much cheaper and have more kinds of colors than human hair wigs. It is possible to buy several synthetic wigs with the money to buy a human hair wig.

Do you prepare for a cosplay? Cosplay will make your life more colorful and amazing. Thank you for reading and hope you like it.

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