How to take care of your cosplay wigs?


Most of my cosplay wigs are synthetic wigs. Today, I want to talk about how to take care of them. Synthetic wigs are made of heat friendly fiber that with proper care can last for a long time. To keep synthetic wigs always beautiful, it is important to take good care of them.

Cosplay wig
Cosplay wig

To avoid drying and knotting, a few drops of natural oil on the wig is important. In our own hair, the roots are almost never embarrassing, as our scalp produces a natural oil that keeps the roots hydrated and prevents clogged pores. If you wear a wig every day, it should be washed every 10 to 15 days and never directly on your head. But if you only use it once in a while, wash it after use.

A careful cleaning of the synthetic wig is necessary, and always requires using a low-PH shampoo and conditioner, while cleaning by moving your fingers from the base to the end of the hair. If you want to rinse it, just soak it in a basin of water, stir until the foam has gone, then remove it and dry it.

How many cosplay wigs do you have? Did you take good care of them? If you want to be a professional cosplayer, wig care is also very important. Thank you for reading and hope it be helpful for you.

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